Ghost Towns

I find it fascinating to think about the places human’s choose to call home. Some places are clearly understandable – like along a river – while others are rather perplexing. What might be even more fascinating than that are places we choose to vacate. That’s the topic of this blog post: 20 Abandoned Cities from Around the World: Deserted Towns and Other Derelict Places. It’s interesting to look at these cities and towns and why they no longer exist. Many are due to economic changes, while others are environmental related (note the one town that coated it’s streets in a component of Agent Orange to combat excessive dust!) While the images are brief and the descriptions more so, the list has moved me to examine a few more of these places in detail. Coming from a small (ish), decaying town that’s lost half of its population in under two decades, I can see that the subject is certainly relevant even today.