Dr Horrible coming next week

For those of you who have listened to our first 6 months of podcasts you will know that we are all rabid fans of Joss Whedon. We will consume basically anything he has a hand in for one simple reason…it is good. So when Sue came across the mention of Joss working on something with Neil “Doogie” Patrick Harris and Nathan “Capt Reynolds” Fillion during the writers strike we were beside ourselves in anticipation (not just any anticipation, but the way that Tim “Franke-N-Furter” Curry said it in Rocky Horror) for the wonderfully titled Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. The one week online video event has a great cast that also includes Felicia Day (creator of the The Guild), Simon Helberg (Howard on Big Bang Theory), and others.

There will be three web episodes of Dr Horrible which will roll out on July 15, 17, and 19 respectively, but they will all go away on July 20th. That’s right you have to watch ’em all next week to see them online. If you are going on vacation or your network connection is down next week, don’t worry they already plan to release them on DVD, probably in the fall. There is a trailer up on the Dr Horrible site to give you a taste of the action, along with a link to an online comic book about Nathan Fillion’s character Capt. Hammer that sets up a little of the story. And in case you aren’t sure about whether Neil Patrick Harris can hold his own in the vocals, check out this great clip of him with How I Met Your Mother cast mate Jason Segel rock the song “Confrontation” from Les Miserables.

3 thoughts on “Dr Horrible coming next week

  1. Toy Soldier SubZ reporting and this.. this sickens me. To degrade and attempt to destroy the good doctors image like this. How dare you attempt to harm the good doctors name. Doctor Steel is a good man, and he deserves much much more respect than this horrid “Dr. Horrible” theft.

    The true site, the original, the genius, the man who deserves the respect. The music is irritating, the script are poorly written

    As a loyal member of Dr. Steel’s Army of Toy Soldiers, I will see to it personally that Dr. Horrible is destroyed.

  2. Oh, STFU . Seriously, you all act as if this ‘Dr. Steel’ owns the whole ‘Mad Scientist gig’. Th fact is that’s been around way before Dr. Steel or Dr. Horrible. This is just a ploy for all you ‘Soldiers’ to get some free publicity for your virtually unknown Dr. Steel. It’s sad really , that the only way you can get any attention thrown at this guy is to ride Joss’s coat tails and claim he stole the idea .

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