Nokia trying to take over world

Nokia logoI probably owe Glenn a buck for covering a Nokia topic (I’ll get it to you in San Diego) but I am giddy about some of the steps Nokia has taken in the OS, services and data areas. The data, of course, is their acquisition of Navteq which is awaiting the final go ahead from European regulators. The services is the announcement this week of their acquisition of, not to mention their own location services (check out our interview from Where 2.0 2008).

The topper though is their take over of Symbian Limited (the SymbianOS) and the newly announced Symbian Foundation (with 10 MAJOR players in the cell phone arena). While Symbian isn’t a big deal in the US, the SymbianOS is the leading SmartPhone operating system overall and until Android came out, the SymbianOS was the most open cell phone platform for developers. I am not going to connect the dots between the data, services and OS solutions, but just the continuing growth and direction are impressive. Here in the states we are talking (Google) Android and Apple iPhone, but Nokia is probably far more entrenched in Europe and Asia than either of these new comers can hope for. On top of that, I would think that given the closed structure of the US cell market (having grown out of CDMA) Nokia only gives us a small fraction of their efforts. Either way I am excited to see where Nokia (and the Symbian Foundation) are headed and hope that some of the ideas make their way back to the states for me to play with.