MapTube – sharing maps online

The guys from CASA at UCL emailed us a few weeks ago about MapTube, another one of their great projects. I’ve wanted to post about it since then, but let some other things push it out of my mind temporarily. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, MapTube is a site where you can go “to share, mix and mash maps with a nod towards professional map makers.” MapTube has a nice interface for viewing maps, and the cool thing is that you can actually overlay different maps and create new composite maps using the Search page. The maps aren’t actually stored on the site, just links, so that map owners can share their maps without having to upload them to the site. While there aren’t a ton of maps on MapTube yet, it’s a great idea and definitely worth checking out.

For more info on MapTube, check out this post at the Digital Urban blog