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Interactive Map of the Midwest Flooding

If you’re not from the great mass of the middle in the US, some of these places mentioned in the news might be a bit obscure or hard to find. That’s why interactive maps like this one are so useful. If you’re curious about where the flooding is has been hitting the last few weeks, that map will help you track them. Most of the points feature an indication of historical river levels, projected levels, and current levels. A few of the points link to news items about that area. What would have been nice to see is an overlay that has the current weather forecast as well. While the map isn’t necessarily the most interactively useful, it does present a fairly accessible presentation of the data, which is always important.

EDIT: I’ve added the link. ‘Cause sometimes “multitasking” means “something doesn’t get done”.

4 thoughts on “Interactive Map of the Midwest Flooding

  1. WeatherUnderground has begun hosting a google maps mash-up of all the personal weather stations in their network…plus USGS river gauges, flood alerts, severe storm warnings, forecasts, weather station web-cams, and NEXRAD radar, among other things. Fantastic stuff, but they could really use some better cartography…hard for an automated service to compete with MSNBC on that account. MSNBC’s is a beautiful map, very readable and informative.

    St. Louis area:

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