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A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 152

A VerySpatial Podcast
Shownotes – Episode 152
June 15, 2008

Main Topic:Interview with Geoff Zeiss of Autodesk

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  • This week’s podsafe music: “Into the night” by ONESIDE
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  • zookNIC – Mapping the Internet
  • Main topic

      Our conversation with Geoff Zeiss of Autodesk at Where 2.0


    • World Archaeology Congress: 29 June-4 July, Dublin, Ireland
    • CaribGIS: 25-29 August, Grand Cayman Island
    • GIS in the Rockies: 10-12 September, Loveland, CO
    • Applied Geography Conference: 15-18 October, Wilmington, DE

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    One thought on “A VerySpatial Podcast – Episode 152

    1. I believe Google maps can be a powerful GIS because kml can be easily transformed. You can for example attach a stylesheet to a file with some data in whatever format you want and output to kml you can then attach another stylesheet(XSLT) to that and perform infinite levels of analysis from one data source which can be easily automated and displayed in google maps. It seems like the real question is not whether Google Maps is a GIS but how long will it take the genral public to develop a common spatial awareness which extends beyond “I just need to find out how to get to the [insert place]”. The trend in “GPS” products where a GPS means showing the street and only the street in 3D mimicing what people already experience clearly illustrates that the general public has not yet realized the broader implications of space and hence doesn’t see the need for spatial analysis as part of thier everyday life. As more people realize the power of spatial awareness (on an analytic level) it will not only be a tool but an essential part of life. I have been listening to your show consistently for almost three years I think and I really enjoy it! Keep up the good work and sorry about any mispelling… 4 am and I’m writing in a text box. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE GREAT SHOWS

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