Remote Sensing at ESRI UC

The latest mass email from ESRI regarding the International User Conference had a small blurb on a new Remote Sensing GIS Summit that has been added to the event on Sunday August 3 from 8:30 to 5:30. The preliminary agenda includes keynote and case study presentations as well as the expected technical presentations. If you are going to be in San Diego for the UC and will be in town on Sunday then you may want to check this out. We were thinking of hitting Lego Land that afternoon but I will try to mix the Remote Sensing GIS Summit (RSGS?) with the EdUC sessions in the morning.

Also, go ahead and put our live show on your schedule for Tuesday afternoon.

Big Ole’ World!

Ubisoft, maker of… well… LOTS of video games, is working on Far Cry 2. For those not in the video game know, Far Cry has pushed the limits of PC gaming hardware in the last year. Far Cry 2 looks to raise the bar even higher. The game takes place in Africa and features a game world of over 50 square kilometers, which is the biggest game world I think I’ve heard. There are a lot of innovative features in the engine, like a custom wind engine and the destructibility of everything in the world itself, particularly with the foliage (which doesn’t sound like much, but it’s a MAJOR improvement in gaming technology). Even if you aren’t into games, the possible applications of an engine like this for serious games or real world gaming can’t be ignored. Shacknews features a 20 minute demo video of the game (WARNING: the video is R rated!)