Schmap for the iPhone/iPod Touch

We have talked to the folks at Schmap a couple of times and I was pretty interested in what they do on the web and the desktop, but their iPhone/iPod Touch interface wins hands down between the three interfaces for me. They are rolling it out today, but we had a chance to play with it over the weekend and it has definitely earned a bookmark on my iPod Touch. This is another one of those sites that make me yearn for an iPhone for the ubiquitous connectivity. Along with their City Guide’s, Schmap provides a local search function as well. But at the end of the day it isn’t content or functionality that win my heart, it is the “Rotate ‘n Map” display where you view the guide or search with the device vertical, then rotate to the horizontal to see the results on a map. A simple, elegant display mechanism that is just plain handy. Head over to the Schmap website to find out more.

Schmap for the iPhone