SWAG geocache plan

geography shirtWe are planning to create a SWAG (stuff we all get) location cache at a conference we attend in the near future, you can hear our epiphany about SWAG geocaches in this week’s (Epi 148) events corner. The point is to give folks the chance to have some fun in addition to getting free stuff. So this isn’t so much about the traditional switching out tidbits when you find the cache, instead it is about getting something free and cool(ish). If you have any ideas beyond the base idea, please share. The biggest multiple option issues for me are 1) how to convey location (I’m thinking hints or treasure map instead of indoor location tech) and 2) how to not raise the ire of the facility security (beyond confirming it is ok with the conference organizers).

PS if you would like to donate some cool SWAG to the goal please contact us