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WikiCrimes, Brazil’s police alternative

Just coming off a session where we were talking about how user generated content can offer great advantages to local communities it was interesting to read this article which talks about a new wiki map called WikiCrimes that allows users to report crimes and their location in Brazil. Apparently the Brazilian police do not provide access to crime data, plus there seems to be an underrepresentation of crime as people do not always report crimes. Given these issues there still seems to be some apathy about the mapping initiative not only from the police (which is expected) but also by some of the public. The BBC’s article is definitely worth a read to see an interesting take on public mapping.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Wiki pinpoints Brazilian crime

One thought on “WikiCrimes, Brazil’s police alternative

  1. Hi,

    That’s true about the police don’t offer reports for a general public. Generally, research institutes and university have access to these data, when the requisitations are justified under a project of research.

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