The 23nd International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management

I just came back from the The 23nd International Conference on Solid Waste Technology and Management at Widener University in Philadelphia. I presented with the Monongalia County Solid Waste Authority from WV and people from all over the world sang “Country Roads” to us. What is Solid Waste you ask? and What does it have to with anything spatial? For the purposes of the conference solid waste was very broadly defined from municiple solid waste (trash,recycling…), industrial (waste from manufacturing processes,Mining and mineral wastes…), specialized (agriculture…), facility siting and regulations, geotechnical topics, EU directives and much more. Spatial analysis is a very important component of solid waste management. I talked with the MASA group based in France which developed a waste management optimization tool for route analysis. They said that most places still design their collection routes by hand which works suprisingly well considering, some have begun to use GIS which has helped tremendousy. However, they (obviously since its what they sell) believe that an optimization tool that takes into account turns/single/doubleside collection…) with a GIS component (ESRI) can reduce the environmental impact and increase efficiency. they had also attended the ESRI conference in Switzerland. Other presentations focused on GIS and natural resources, spatial based selection of anaerobic digestion feedstock in California, Application of remote sensing and GIS techniques for disposal of wastes in India and other equally fascinating topics. You might be working in solid waste technology and management and not even realize it. I hope to see you at this conference next year.

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  1. I enjoyed 23rd ICSWTM under chairmanship of Dr.Mersky.Dr.Mersky took all the precautions in making the conference grand success.In Indian perspective I placed three informations (i)In the varigated season like exessive rain period village women used to preserve solid waste cake for instant food preparation(ii)Biogas generatin with cattle dung +dried weeds at the 50% level generates excess biogas which exhibited three dimentional utility plus diesel safty was(iii)another objective in saving fuel by supplying biogas in dual fuel engine.This conference was a great success and nice interactions with the galaxy of scientists participated in warwick radisson plaza.I wish same rather more successful coming 24th conference under Dr.mersky.Since I am coming fron far flunze areas I request to wave something because I did not get financial assistance as per required from indian apex bodies.I am inclined to participate with another advanced features if barrier in our contacts is liquidated.
    APVerma(India )

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