Our first Smart Car sighting

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SmartCarAs we were making the long, long trek from the Extended Parking area at Pittsburgh International Airport on Saturday, we got a chance to see a real Smart Car just sitting there all cute and cuddly in the parking lot. We couldn’t resist grabbing a quick camera phone shot before heading into the terminal.

5 thoughts on “Our first Smart Car sighting

  1. The yellow ones and the black ones look better IMHO. I would go with either the blue or the black myself.. yellow and silver, the bugs show up like neon signs.. need to find a car bra that fits..

  2. I’ve seen a few here in CO, in a town of 130-150k. I took one for a drive and they actually feel quite roomy.

  3. Jeez, you guys down south are way behind… Here in Victoria BC ya can’t swing a cat without hitting a Smart Car – unless of course you hit a Prius first!

  4. Well, we are behind since they used to cost 2x as much. Now they are officially imported…I’m curious to see the adoption rate.

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