iPod Touch as a gateway device

I have had my iPod Touch since, what, October or so? Since then I have used as it came out of the box, paid to have the 1.3 w/software firmware update and I already plan to give Apple the cash the day that I can get the 2.0 firmware so that I can install all of the awesome twitter clients and location apps that will be rolling out in June. What have I learned from all of this? Every PDA I have ever used is just not worth the time of day at this point. What else? I must have an iPhone! I use the wifi functionality on the Touch for email and browsing anytime I am not at a computer. But open wifi is not ubiquitous, especially in a town like Morgantown. On campus I am golden as long as I am in a building, head out to take advantage of a nice day and you aren’t getting any work done (not a terrible lose mind you). Even if I did have a WAN card it would mean I would have to lug my computer around. No, the writing is on the wall, with the plethora of mapping and writing apps that are bound to come out and the inevitable 3G capability (not in Morgantown, but still) I will, when my current phone contract is up and I have the cash, be making the transition. Until then the Touch will continue to titillate me with its ‘almost there’ functionality.