AAG New Media session recap

I am a bit behind in posting a roundup of the New Media session from the AAG, but we had great participants, a good (if small) audience, and a terrible time (supper time). The line up was:

Sue Vajoczki – McMaster University
Adena Schutzberg – Penn State and Directions Magazine
Sue Bergeron – WVU and VerySpatial
Katie Pritchard – Virginia Tech and the Plaid Avenger Plaidcast
John Boyer – Virginia Tech and the Plaid Avenger Plaidcast
Jesse Rouse – WVU and VerySpatial

(unfortunately Patrick was stuck in NC)

The session focused on the intersection of New Media and education. Sue V. started us off with a discussion of how New Media are being adopted and implemented at McMaster. It seems like a great approach which has received support from faculty, students, and administrators. They will be releasing their findings in an upcoming report (I will link to it once it is available). Adena spoke about the role of online ed technologies, moving from the brick and mortar to the online campus. John and Katie spoke about how an external podcast can invigorate student learning and how New Media offers an immediacy that a textbook can never parallel. The discussion went on for a couple of hours and Sue B. and I kicked in the ideas that you have heard so often from us on the podcast. Unfortunately, I was out of it enough that even though I had 2 records set up, I forgot to turn either of them on…oops.

Plans have already begun for the fourth New Media session that will probably turn more toward the MacArthur Foundation’s idea of Digital Media and Learning (DML), and I will put out the call for participants in the fall.