A true armchair traveler

I found the CNN news story about a Lonely Planet writer who wrote about Brazil, Colombia, the Caribbean, Venezuela, Chile and South America possibly without ever leaving San Francisco fascinating. Although it harkens back to the 1700 -1900’s when some travel writers wrote completely inaccurate travel guides about countries they had never seen, technology has made it possible to be more “spot on” without ever leaving home. I wonder if someone could write a travel guide using nothing but something like Google Earth as a reference. I wonder how accurate it would be? In case you want to be a travel writer there are actually programs out there such as the Nottingham Trent Centre for Travel Writing Studies

Our Tuesday presentation at AAG

For those of you in Boston, Sue and I are coauthors (though I left off our names when I submitted it) with Trevor Harris in the session “The Participatory Geoweb” at 4:20 this afternoon. It is pretty much an extension of our book chapter from last year. Later this week Sue and I both present at 10:00 on Friday in our respective paper competitions and of course late Thursday afternoon is the New Media Panel. Hope to see you there.

A Remote Tribe Goes High Tech With Google

The Surui people, who have been so remote in the Brazilian forests that they were only ‘discovered’ in 1969, have turned to the high tech tools of Google Earth to help them protect their existence. Initial contacts with outsiders led them to fight, but bows and arrows proved rather useless compared to modern weapons. Since then, they have negotiated a peace, but their lands are continuously encroached upon. Enter Google Earth, which the tribe uses to monitor treaty breaking moves by logging companies. The whole story is a testament to how far web mapping has spread into our modern (and sometimes ancient) lives.

The ArcPad Dev Summit Video

Over on the The ArcPad Team Blog they have been kind enough to link to their 2008 ESRI Developer Summit ArcPad Video. The video focuses on “Programming & Design Patterns for ArcPad” and features Craig Greenwald and Elvin Slavik, both of whom we have talked to on past episodes. This video and others from the ’08 Dev Summit are making their way up onto the EDN website for those of us not able to make it this year and for those who didn’t take good enough notes 🙂