LGGI becomes ERDAS…again

ERDASI have to admit that I JUST started calling Imagine and other Leica Geosystems Geospatial Inc products “Leica Imagine”. Now I have to unlearn this behavior as they have rebranded as ERDAS, Inc. 1) In my opinion this is a great marketing move, at least for those of us who have used the software for the last decade and are used to the name. 2) Since geospatial has come a long way in the last 10 years, though I am sure this change will create the same ‘confusion’ (more a disorientation really) the initial purchase by Leica caused. 3) Since the companies products list has grown considerably over the last year, and with the release of 9.2, this is probably the best time for the change.

On top of it all, I must give praise to the site designers of http://www.erdas.com/ who have made it possible to easily find information on the software options. I am sure it will be even better when they do away with the redirects.

More on Surface Computing

We reported a few months back about Microsoft’s Surface Computer. Popular Mechanics features a good video news item/discussion about surface computing in general, and specifically about Microsoft’s Surface product. The earlier videos were rather sparse on details and their vision for the product. This new video gives a little more detail. So if you’re interested in touch computing, I suggest you head over and give it a look!

The joy that is ‘Corner Gas’

Wanda: a blog?
Hank: Yeah a blog. It’s short for web log. Web because it’s on the internet and log because umm…
Brent: They were originally printed on wood.
Hank: Right.
Wanda: Well why waste this on us, when you can put it on the internet and have the whole world ignore it.

(Sue quote: When I sit here and watch you typing I hear the Doogie Howser music in my head.)