Vista prices drop, is it ready for primetime…

Apparently Microsoft announce a price drop between $30-40 for Vista last week. With the release of Vista SP1 eminent I am wondering if this means Vista is finally ready for prime time. More importantly is it ready for the geospatial workflow. Apparently the restructured ESRI courses that will be rolling out in support of ArcGIS 9.3 later this year will be running on Vista, and 9.2 SP4 made Vista support official. Leica’s products apparently work under Vista, but not the license manager but that should be remedied soon. MapInfo has been Vista compatible since June 07. QGIS seems to work on Vista as well. All in all it seems that as long as Vista SP1 takes care of some the issues that have put folks off from moving to Vista, we may actually see a migration from XP in the not terribly distant future.

Vista prices officially go down, but will consumer interest go up? – Engadget