New Poll, Old Poll

So today we start a new poll with the request “Pick your favorite name” as a way to get your perspective on what to call the spatial data that is being created by users as part of the Web 2.0 phenomena. The choices we give (which are not all inclusive) are:

  • Social mapping
  • Crowd source data
  • Volunteered Geographic Information
  • User generated data
  • Internet gunk

  • Our last poll ended with 110 responses and the following breakdown of where you see yourselves in the GI space:

  • Geography (33%)
  • Geospatial (24%)
  • GISystems (19%)
  • GIScience (12%)
  • Remote Sensing (10%)
  • GIStudies (3%)
  • I am excited that such a high percentage of folks who responded thought of themselves as general Geographers. As always thanks for your input!