First Bird’s Eye imagery, now Fish-Eye views

Japanese company ALPSLAB has come up with a new function for zooming in to an area on its online mapping interface – a “Fish-Eye” view that acts like a magnifying glass being held over a particular area on the map without having to zoom the whole way. I tried it out (after taking several minutes to figure out how to engage it, since the site is in Japanese), and it’s a handy little way to get a closeup view without having to zoom the whole map. It does make it easier when you can see one area in closeup and still see the surrounding area at a coarser resolution.

Fish-Eye view from ALPSLAB

Via techradar

New Poll, Old Poll

So today we start a new poll with the request “Pick your favorite name” as a way to get your perspective on what to call the spatial data that is being created by users as part of the Web 2.0 phenomena. The choices we give (which are not all inclusive) are:

  • Social mapping
  • Crowd source data
  • Volunteered Geographic Information
  • User generated data
  • Internet gunk
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