Does Daylight Savings Time Help?

Not according to a study conducted at the University of California-Santa Barbara and reported recently in the Wall Street Journal. The prevailing wisdom of Daylight Savings Time is that having more time in the afternoon with sun means we’ll leave the lights off longer. That might be true, but it also happens to mean we turn the AC on longer, run our computers longer, and watch TV longer. None of these concerns really weighed heavily on Ben Franklin’s head when he invented the concept. Researchers at USC Santa Barbara have concluded that moving to daylight savings time has cost at leas their study area millions of additional dollars in energy expense. So think of that this weekend when you “spring forward” and loose a hour of precious sleep!

Core Location…Wow that was quick

Was it just back in October that I was pondering how long it would take Apple to introduce Core Location to provide developers a simple hook into location information for new apps, much like Core Image and Core Audio. While Core Location isn’t coming to the laptop yet, it is going to be available through the iPhone SDK. I am really hoping that companies build on this to make some great ideas into reality. Linked with the cell and Wi-Fi location (Skyhook Wireless interview on AVSP Ep 131) you have to imagine that there are going to be some great location apps available when you can start to get 3rd party apps in June. Now if we can get a hook from the bluetooth radio for a bluetooth GPS stream we can bug Elvin until they rewrite ArcPad for the iPhone. As you can imagine there has already been some discussion of developments, but I am waiting to see how others begin using it. Hmm…write or download SDK. 🙂

Update: I think I am going to have to look at OpenGL for the first time in 7 years. The games look great in fact there has already been a suggestion to use the accelerometer for map control over on the GeoWanking list.