Population Growth in NOLA

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Continuing my Twitter focus on my trip to New Orleans I saw this great bit of news on growth statistics. Apparently the two fastest growing county populations in the US are St. Bernard’s and Orleans parishes. Check out Episode 141 for my take on visiting New Orleans (go, spend your money and have a good […]

Maps As Art and Fashion

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These cool artworks by a French artist living in London, Elisabeth Lecourt, show that not only can maps tell us where we are and help us find our way, they can also be a fashion statement. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find them anytime soon at your nearest Gap store, but they definitely give […]

Collaborative Landmark Directory

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I noticed OpenLandmark when I was looking at the mobile apps for the iPhone/iPod Touch. It is a beta site that is creating a directory of landmarks, currently focusing on a few cities, which are mostly major tourist destinations. It is similar to a few other projects out there, except that it seems to be […]

3DNature software sale

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Just got an email that 3D Nature has a big software bundle sale going on at the 3DNature Online Store until the end of March. You may remember that we had the chance to talk to Chris Hanson back in January on Epis 129 & 130. The bundle includes SceneExpress and their SketchUp Component Library […]