Advanced Polar Ship

According to the BBC, “European ship designers are currently working on what is billed as the “most advanced polar research vessel in the world” appropriately called the Aurora Borealis. They will use an advanced GPS system but are undecided between the European Galileo system, the Russian Glosnass or American GPS system. Many people might not realize how extensive and accessible Antartica research is for all types of fields and where it can lead you. The U.S. NSF Polar Program not only uses scientists and science assistants but also field support workers, military personnel, the media, and even writers in residence. Germany and some other countries have comparable programs. 2007-2008 was USGS International polar year and they have some cool maps and pictures on their site. In fact, they have a new satellite map which they think will revolutionize Antartic research and is available free to the public. If you go, don’t expect to be warm or to be an old-fashioned adventurer since the NSF said that is the only thing they don’t need.