Great Backyard Bird Count

Are you participating in the The Great Backyard Bird Count this weekend? Led by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and National Audubon Society, with sponsorship from Wild Birds Unlimited citizen scientists of all ages from around North America count the birds in their community to better understand bird dynamics, population change, weather,… Besides the cute pictures, the coolest part is the map room which lets you create a map of your state, region, favorite bird. It’s amazing that 15 minutes observation per person over four days provided so much information. If you need help the USGS and provide bird identification websites with birdsongs. Bird Watching — What a great way to get people interested and involved in geography!

Autodesk World Press Days – Wrap-up

We have returned to WV with a slightly new perspective on Autodesk and their products. Sue and I have mostly worked with 3DS Max and Maya recently and AutoCAD a while back, but only having played with the demo version of Map3D. I think I will be giving a closer look at some of the other offerings as well after our trip. There are not only business cases for using different products, but it is important to help students find the best solutions for the problems they are responding to, and there is the fact that all of the systems are becoming ever more interoperable and therefore interconnected (eg, FDO or Topobase built on Oracle Spatial).

Over the next couple of weeks we will have audio and video from the World Press Day that we captured in San Francisco, and we will also be talking with Autodesk Labs soon about some of the projects they were showing off and how they seek to do R&D in a way that allows them to create products that are relevant to AutoDesk customers and users (Freewheel being a great example).

(Note- We attended the Press Days courtesy of Autodesk)