Autodesk World Press Days – Day 1

We’ve just finished a morning of presentations to open Autodesk’s 2008 World Press Days, starting with CEO Carl Bass and including both Autodesk executives and customer highlights. The main themes are about design innovation, naturally, and the integrated processes of visualization, simulation, and immersion. Many of the points are things we continue to hear about regarding the convergence of gaming and graphic technologies with design tools and geospatial applications. The flashiest presentation was from Sony imageworks, a CG firm that has created the visual effects for big movies like the Spider-Man trilogy and the recently-released Beowulf.

We’re going to be hearing more about the new suite of products coming out, including 3ds Max 2009, AutoCAD 2009, and others, so we should have more details about those in an upcoming post. Autodesk also briefly discussed the acquisition of two software companies, Carmel Software and Green Building Studio, but gave few details about specifics.

This afternoon will feature the Geospatial group’s presentation, so we should have more info about those products and what new functionality will be available in the new release.

(Note- We are attending the Press Days courtesy of Autodesk)