Jane Austen, Dickens, and Love

For Valentine’s Day, I went looking for maps of romantic novel worlds. I started by searching for Jane Austen and found this great interactive map of Dicken’s London. This Standfords site had a list of map references in literature. This led me to a really cool site for movie locations using google maps but still no Jane Austen. It did lead me though to this meet up for colin firth enthusiasts. I will continue my search for romantic literature and movie maps.

Can Cell Phones Predict Traffic?

That’s the question Nokia set out to find the answer to yesterday. They equipped 100 students with GPS and software equipped Nokia phones and had them drive a 10 mile stretch of road all day. The data was sent back to a central server to analysis traffic patterns. Nokia hopes to be able to create a system to allow their users to use their phones to help travel through traffic patterns more effectively. Hopefully Nokia publishes anything that’s non-proprietary because I would be interested in seeing their results.

New Poll: GI Interest

So our new poll is mostly for the GI folks. We are curious as to where you see yourself…do you focus on GIScience, Geospatial, RS, or do you abstain from the tech related and focus on Geography in general. I know there is a lot of overlap, but that is part of the curiosity, how people define themselves. Head over to the poll on the left sidebar of veryspatial.com to take let us know.