Want to Make a NASA MMORPG?

The BBC is reporting that NASA has put out a Request For Information for any groups or agencies who might want o create a NASA MMORPG. The idea is to create a virtual world that simulates science experiments that students can explore. Hopefully whoever gets to make the final products will include a significant geospatial portion. Look for Very Spatial to follow this fairly closely in the coming months, as it dovetails nicely in Jesse, Sue, and I’s research interests!

6 thoughts on “Want to Make a NASA MMORPG?

  1. At first, programmers would create player environments such as (a) martian terrain with a rover design/builder kit; (b) space station or space shuttle with lots of buttons, switches, controls and equipment to play with; (c)shuttle design facility with aerodynamic design tests, design parameters of weight, fuel requirements, electrical power systems, etc, even a budget.

    Eventually, the programmers game design tools would be made available for participants to create there own space stations, shuttles, lab environments, etc…

  2. I’m italian and an idea to create an a mmorpg Nasa-based is beatifull i try to play eve but is more difficult if this project is’n similar i like to take a part into beta but i hope that this game is more easily to play but not too much
    expensive and poor graphics but not more complex

  3. Space MMO, online simulation, instructional build… something with computers and space themed, seems about all they can decide on at the moment with the open bids they’re taking.

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