Sunday CES round-up

So I have been following the bits and pieces on Engadget, Gizmodo and CrunchGear and have cobbled together my highlights from today.

GPS: – toys toys everywhere

  • Delorme released a new EarthMate
  • Engadget looked at Garmin’s new line-up
  • Pioneer’s new voice controlled GPS with iPod and bluetooth support
  • MSI’s new line (I assume it is the motherboard manufacturer
  • Sony’s updated line
  • Hands-on with Nuvi 880
  • 3D Monitors – Active stereo is expensive and kind of a pain sometimes, so I hope that some the passive 3D technologies announced over the last few years will eventually make a mark in the market.

  • MiraCube is a new passive 3D monitor model out of Korea
  • Samsung Series 4 and 5 Plasmas to do 3D
  • Microsoft Keynote – two of Bill’s big things (out of 3) are location and touch…now if I could just find the quote to prove it

  • Surface still looks cool at least
  • TellMe, a Microsoft Subsidiary, uses GPS and voice recognition for daily activities (find and purchase movie tickets was the example
  • Bill G wrapped up the keynote with a visual recognition demo that ties into MS Virtual Earth and location based on visual queues which I would guess uses Photosynth technology in the backend