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Sometimes it Snows in……Baghdad!

Baghdad got its first snow in 100 years on Friday! The snow didn’t accumulate much, so the Baghdad government won’t have to add “snow plows” to its load of materials, but it was a once in a lifetime site. People of all ages remarked they had never seen snow, nor had ever heard of anyone in their lifetime seeing snow in the area before. Some people remarked it was the first time they had ever seen snow, outside of movies.

One thought on “Sometimes it Snows in……Baghdad!

  1. It seems as though global warming has been blamed for just about every conceivable blip in our weather patterns. Every tornado, hurricane, forest fire and earthquake seems to have been converted into advertisements for global warming enthusiasts who want to make sure you feel guilty for using that 2nd square of toilet paper.

    It’s aggravating that simple miracles in life, such as snow in a desert that hardly ever even sees rain, must all be politicized and stolen away as a martyr for the GW cause.

    I’m of the opinion that caring for our environment is a responsibility that everyone can share a part in. But taking the issue to such an extreme level that even a historic snowfall in the desert can no longer be enjoyed, will only hurt the effort.

    Blustering hysteria every time anything happens (even a snowfall) will do nothing for the cause but wear people out on the issue and diminish it’s credibility to folks who might otherwise be receptive to the message.

    I’ve stated before and continues to suggest that politicizing global warming has bled the goodwill out of the effort and replaced it with political rancor. In times like these, it would be nice if the talking heads could put a sock in it and let the rest of us just enjoy the miracle of snow in the desert. It may be another 100 years before global warming allows us to enjoy it again.

    Danny Vice
    The Weekly Vice

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