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Landsat 5 imaging again!

Our reader Michelle sent us a quick email to let us know that the USGS has announced that Landsat 5 resumed imaging as of January 10th. Landsat 5 has been experiencing problems with its batteries, and the Landsat team has come up with a new procedure for charging the batteries to try to maintain a safe power balance. No new data has yet been released, but should start becoming available as it is processed.

It is just amazing how well Landsat 5 has lasted (It made its 125,000 orbit back in September) and the incredible efforts by the Landsat team to keep it and Landsat 7 up and running for image collection, and hopefully the good news will continue. If you haven’t checked out the Landsat Project website, you should definitely take a few minutes and browse around through the project history, image gallery, resources and other information on this amazing 35-year remote sensing effort.