iGETT – training the trainers

Attention college faculty, you may be interested in the following announcement:

The Integrated Geospatial Education Technology and Training (iGETT) project offers two-year college faculty professional development opportunities that will enhance existing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programs by integrating remote sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS) data in ways that support workforce needs. iGETT focuses on moderate-resolution (30 m, 250 m), readily available federal land remote sensing data, such as that from Landsat, MODIS, and ASTER sensors. Topical applications include: forestry, agriculture, disaster management, natural resources management, and urban planning. Faculty who currently teach GIS at two-year colleges located in the United States are eligible to participate in iGETT.

Letters of acceptance will be mailed by March 15, 2008.
Apply on line at http://igett.delmar.edu

Landsat 5 imaging again!

Our reader Michelle sent us a quick email to let us know that the USGS has announced that Landsat 5 resumed imaging as of January 10th. Landsat 5 has been experiencing problems with its batteries, and the Landsat team has come up with a new procedure for charging the batteries to try to maintain a safe power balance. No new data has yet been released, but should start becoming available as it is processed.

It is just amazing how well Landsat 5 has lasted (It made its 125,000 orbit back in September) and the incredible efforts by the Landsat team to keep it and Landsat 7 up and running for image collection, and hopefully the good news will continue. If you haven’t checked out the Landsat Project website, you should definitely take a few minutes and browse around through the project history, image gallery, resources and other information on this amazing 35-year remote sensing effort.