Rovio lets you know what’s going on when you’re not home

If you’ve always wondered what your house looks like when you’re not there, or fret about what your pets are doing to get themselves into trouble, then Rovio may be the answer to your prayers. It’s a little 3-wheeled robot equipped with a web cam and a “micro-GPS” system called Northstar to navigate and has full audio and video streaming capabilities over the web via WiFi. That means you can control the little guy from anywhere where you have web access. Need to know if you turned off the stove….Rovio to the rescue! Of course, if you didn’t, not much the Rovio could do about, but still, a cool robot spy of your own. Rovio just debuted at CES and the expected release date is the last quarter of the year. The expected retail price is listed as $299, so for the price of an iPod, you can have your very own robot!

Wednesday CES Round-up

The toys that are rolling out are diminishing in number, but there is still one more day to go. Here are the bits that were covered today.


  • Delphi’s dual-view GPS – Driver sees GPS passenger sees…something else
  • Avis is upgrading their navigation systems
  • iRiver’s M20 GPS/PMP – iRiver’s last foray into LBS was their w10 which used Loki for location, the M20 will sport GPS
  • Visualization

  • NEC announces another giant monitor that is basically the same as Alienware’s