US Party Conventions

With the 2008 Presidential season in full swing, I thought I’d take a moment to post a couple of links to how all of this works. I know it can be rather confusing for people in the US as to the delegate system for picking the two parties candidates, so it has to be downright baffling for those who didn’t grow up in it. Here’s the link to the Democratic National Convention website. The real gem is buried a little further down – how the delegate system works. At the bottom is a map detailing how many delegates each state receives and how those delegates are allocated. It’s a pretty good discussion on their system. Unfortunately, while the Republican party has a good website detailing the convention itself, I couldn’t find a similar map/detail about the Delegate selection process. There is a link for Delegates on the main page, but it only show “coming soon”. Hopefully they’ll update that section with a map in the near future much like the DNC has already.

Sunday CES round-up

So I have been following the bits and pieces on Engadget, Gizmodo and CrunchGear and have cobbled together my highlights from today.

GPS: – toys toys everywhere

  • Delorme released a new EarthMate
  • Engadget looked at Garmin’s new line-up
  • Pioneer’s new voice controlled GPS with iPod and bluetooth support
  • MSI’s new line (I assume it is the motherboard manufacturer
  • Sony’s updated line
  • Hands-on with Nuvi 880
  • 3D Monitors – Active stereo is expensive and kind of a pain sometimes, so I hope that some the passive 3D technologies announced over the last few years will eventually make a mark in the market.

  • MiraCube is a new passive 3D monitor model out of Korea
  • Samsung Series 4 and 5 Plasmas to do 3D
  • Microsoft Keynote – two of Bill’s big things (out of 3) are location and touch…now if I could just find the quote to prove it

  • Surface still looks cool at least
  • TellMe, a Microsoft Subsidiary, uses GPS and voice recognition for daily activities (find and purchase movie tickets was the example
  • Bill G wrapped up the keynote with a visual recognition demo that ties into MS Virtual Earth and location based on visual queues which I would guess uses Photosynth technology in the backend