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Commentary on geospatial intelligence and the NAO

Although the National Applications Office, which we talked about a couple of months ago, has been put on hold for the time being, there are still lots of issues related to the domestic use of spy satellite imagery. In an article titled Domestic Spying, Inc, Tim Shorrock of CorpWatch (a watchdog group that focuses on investigating corporate corruption and fraud) discusses some of the issues related to the issue of domestic spying and geospatial intelligence, especially the heavy reliance on contractors. He discusses the work done by leading contractors such as BAE Systems and Harris, illustrated through their presentations and exhibits at GEOINT 2007. While Shorrock’s message is cautionary, and focuses on the need to ensure that there is appropriate oversight of the work to be done for agencies like the NGA and the proposed National Applications Office, the article is still an interesting read and raises some relevant issues in geospatial intelligence that we should all be aware of.

Via AlterNet