Beyond Monopoly: Silk Escape Map Scarves

By now, most people have read the very neat story from CNN via Mental Floss , Boing Boing and the Wall Street Journal about how regional silk escape maps were smuggled to WWII POWS in Germany using the game Monopoly. But how else were maps smuggled? On Map Forum, Debbie Hall covers Escape Maps of the World On the USAF Academy website they show how the real Stalag III smuggled maps in the lining of jackets. An archive of first person WWII stores in the BBC recounts a soldier’s use of one.The virtual WWII Museum shows how something as small as a button concealed compasses. Omnimap actually sells unused WWII silk escape maps for about $20.00. The silk escape maps inspired this IT guy to make a million selling silk travel scarves. And on Ebay some orignal silk escape scarves are selling for $300 dollars or more.