Tea Towels

Finding the license plate map of the U.S.A made me want to look up another great nostalgic geo gift: souvenier map tea towels. Here are some recent tea towel maps of Australia, and for a twist here is a site with vintage map tea towels and tableclothes! I tried to locate information on how much their worth to collectors, but I guest the value is all in the memories. Here is a place that will make your own “bespoke” tea towel but I’m sure someone bright could figure out how to make one on a plotter. Jon Kelley’s Voxword blog has a funny blog about the British obsession with the souvenier map tea towel.

More Geo…rgous Gifts

It seems like once you start looking geo gifts are everywhere. Here is a topology ring which “encircle the finger like hills and valleys circumnavigating the globe” also in the topography theme is a torquise ring which looks like “any given segment of a topographical map”. I don’t know how much they really resembe topography, but it shows that the idea of geography is romantic enough for jewelry. Maybe it conjures up images of travel. There is also a cool map of the U.S. made up of license plates from each state.

Some Geo-themed Holiday gift ideas

It has been snowing here since early this morning, we only made it in to the lab about a half hour ago and are basically just waiting around for snow plows to clear some more streets before we can just go back home. To kill some time, I thought I’d highlight some geo-themed gift ideas that I’ve run across. There are actually lots of cool jewelry items, so I can only mention a few right now. For example, Amazon has a really nice silver globe pendant for about $34.99. On a site called Etsy, which allows independent artists to sell their own handicrafts, including jewelry, there are lots of great items, such as series of necklaces showing world city transit maps or even a glass ring designed to look like a topographic relief map.
And finally for today, here’s a page of all kinds of globe jewelry from 1-World Globes. So, if you need to get something for that geographer in your life, there are tons of options out there on the Internet, but you’d better hurry if you want them in time for Christmas!