Black Friday GPS

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If you took a look at the sales flyers in the newspapers for the Black Friday sales you have seen that this is apparently the year of in-car navigation devices. Every sales flyer from Best Buy to Walgreens had at least one device on sale with many of the stores offering multiple devices at great […]

Happy (US) Thanksgiving

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To those of you in the states who have the day off, I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable day. For those of you working…I’ve been there and empathize with you. Gone are the days when t-giving was a work day only for emergency staff, pizza drivers, chinese takeout, and entertainment folks (theaters and […]

New Poll: Holiday desires

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With Black Friday only days away and the holiday gift buying season well underway for many we were wondering what you Geography thing you want for the holidays. The options we are offering up are: Compass and Map – Navigate the old fashioned way or accent a room A trip to… – Who doesn’t want […]

Uses of Geography

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Time to wrap it all up with Element 6: The Uses of Geography. That’s right it is the last day people and it is time to consider how we can apply Geography and spatial thinking to help us understand what has happened in the past, what is happening around us now, and how we can […]

Environment and Society

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Element 5: Environment and Society is tied to human-environment interaction and the first two standards are essentially mirror images. How Human Actions Modify the Physical Environment How Physical Systems Affect Human Systems 16) The Changes That Occur in the Meaning, Use, Distribution, and Importance of Resources The goal of Standard 14 is to consider the […]