OQO-less in Chicago….

So, Jesse has been shouldering most of the blogging while I put my nose to the grindstone to get a working demo of our research project read for a conference session on Saturday, but I should be back in the game once we get back. While we were sitting in the hotel relaxing after a great dinner at Leona’s in Chicago, I had to post about my temporary separation from my OQO. Unfortunately, a little plastic part of the casing got broken, so I had to send it back to OQO on Monday to be replaced. I hadn’t realized how really great it was to have it, until I got to the Pittsburgh Airport and reached into my bag and sadly, there was no familiar little computer to magically transport me to the Internet. Oh well, I guess you never really miss something till it’s gone…..

Anyway, we’ll be hitting some of the special Festival of Maps events tomorrow, so I’ll try to give a wrap-up tomorrow night.