Google Adds Terrain Features to Google Maps

Google has added a few new features to its Google Maps application (funny how Google Local never really caught on, isn’t it?). One, they’ve added the ability to edit markers, which we mentioned in the past. Two, they’ve added a new “street view” function for some urban areas that’s worth a look see. I checked out Pittsburgh, which I know best, and it was pretty neat to see 360 degrees around from a point. Finally and possibly nearest to my day job, they’ve added a “terrain view” button on their maps. Click it and you’ll see hillshade terrain for an area. We zoomed in to West Virginia and took a look around. The data there is remarkably similar to the 3m DEM product that was done in West Virginia last year and is available for free download. If it is, I can’t help but notice there’s no credit for WV… 🙂 Still, even with that nitpick, the addition of terrain and street view is pretty cool, even leading at least one commentator to wonder if Google Earth is on it’s way out!

2 thoughts on “Google Adds Terrain Features to Google Maps

  1. It’s my understanding the WV elevation data is the 3m. I think I saw that bit of info on Frank’s GE blog.


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