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Does anyone know of any Geography related charities? The only response I received the first time I asked was GIS:Yes which can’t be the only one out there. Do we have any organizations, charities, or foundations that are our there to help spread the word about Geography and spatial thinking? I will offer up another couple like Service at Sea and the National Geographic Society. Please post comments with any other Geography related charities that you can think of.

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  1. Well, is not really a charity, but it is a registered non-profit organization. (and since we have no revenue at all, I feel it’s closer to charity than anything else 😉 However, our objectives are clearly not as broad as “spreading the word about Geography and spatial thinking” at the moment…

  2. You are definitely spreading the word 🙂 It is a good point though, I am really looking for any charity that is even loosely Geography-related.

  3. I’d add GISCorps ( and MapAction ( to the list. Both focus on providing mapping services for developing countries. MapAction is primarily focused on humanitarian and disaster relief. GIS Corps has done this work, but are primarily focused on short-term voluntary GIS services to underprivileged communities.

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