Pixelmator and Core Location

Ed mentioned Pixelmator a while back as a great new Mac-only image editor. It offers most of the tools that the normal Photoshop user uses.

But the impressive thing isn’t Pixelmator itself, it’s the fact that it is built using technology that is built into the OS, Core Image, so that many of the tools in the software are simple adds from the MacOS X Developers Tools. In addition to Core Image and Core Animation and Core Audio, all of which get a boost in a week when 10.5 is released. With these tools built in to Mac OS X, which makes developers lives easier, how long will we have to wait for Core Location services. Open Source is great, but what happens when geocoding, routing, projection and other common GIS functions are made available as prebuilt libraries directly in the OS. More geospatial tools and innovation that’s what…so write your local linux programmer, send Steve Jobs a happy thought, or just get Microsoft to incorporate MapPoint and VE technologies into a version of Windows that doesn’t frighten everyone and wait for the location based fun to begin.