New Poll: Industry

We are kind of interested in who is visiting the blog and listening to the podcast and what your day-to-day consists of. To get at this bit of info we are asking “where do you sit?” on our new poll, meaning what industry do you call your home. I know that some of you straddle the fence between 2 or more, but at the end of the day you usually feel that you sit in one group more than the others. We went fairly straight-forward with your options of:

  • Federal/State Government
  • Local Government
  • Private (aka Commercial)
  • Academia
  • Non-profit
  • Let us know which group you think you fit in.

    As for our last poll, it is clear that most folks feel they are at least giving this whole “green” thing a try, though only a few rank up there with Ed Beagley, Jr. Just a reminder to all of you who attend conferences where they give out tote bags…they make great grocery bags.