Google in a day

Talk about taking over the (virtual) world…Google has acquired Jaiku and is working with Multiverse and both were announced in a day. The Jaiku purchase is a curiosity as they could have created their own version of the project from a few of the services they already have in house, though they wouldn’t have captured the existing users of Jaiku. BTW I think that Jaiku has more staying power than Twitter since it allows you blend RSS feeds including your Twitter feed, and it just has a cooler name.

More importantly to us though is the partnership with Multiverse, which Frank and I have planned to use for a while…you know when we get a few months free to build that virtual world. Well now with this partnership which includes using SketchUp models directly in Multiverse and being able to pull real world data such as terrain in from Google Earth it will make creating virtual worlds based on the real world much easier. I haven’t read the posts closely enough to see if KML will also be supported, but if it is then you can then link your data from your ArcGIS Server through KML into the Muliverse client. TELL ME THAT ISN’T COOL. When you have been working on projects that are trying to do similar things it is somewhat heart breaking to see it all come together, but at the same time you can spend less time on the backend and start putting your content together. You can bet we are going to get Sue’s Virtual Morgantown in there as soon as we get some free time. If anyone gets a world set up in Multiverse using the Google tools send us an invite so we can visit your world.