Historical GIS in Great Britain

I just finished my oral exams and passed, so just that little hurdle of a dissertation between me and those three very expensive and time consuming letters: PhD. One of my main research areas is the use of GIS in historical research, and I thought it would be nice to highlight one of the first and probably most successful national efforts at a Historical GIS, the Great Britain Historical GIS. This project represents a decade at least of work by Ian Gregory and others to develop a spatial database of historical boundaries, historical census and other demographic data for Great Britain. The main portion of the Historical GIS is not publicly available, but there is a nice public site called A Vision of Britain Through Time, partially funded by lottery proceeds, that allows users to get online access to some of the place information, census data and historical maps and other digital datasets that were developed as part of the Great Britain Historical GIS. Although a number of projects relating to other countries, including the US, have been done or are underway, no other national Historical GIS has really gotten to the level of usage of the Great Britain project.