Vector1 Media: Sustainability and geospatial

As those of you who have listened to AVSP Episode 112 have already heard, Matt Ball and Jeff Thurston have started Vector1 Media a new magazine that will look at the confluence of Sustainable Development and spatial technologies. I am sure you recognize the names as long time geospatial media creators online and editors of various industry magazines. Their combination of online magazine, newsletter and blogs that make up Vector1 Media will:

“explore the issues of infrastructure planners, land use managers, government decision makers, visualization specialists, spatial analysis professionals, design engineers, GIS analysts, surveyors and others who struggle to make sustainable plans for infrastructure development”

Jeff has been teasing us over the summer about what was coming, but I am really excited to see what they have planned. It is great to see a publication that will focus on a specific area, but at the same time it is such a broad, and important area, that I sure it will have a broad appeal. Hopefully we will see more content producers move in this direction to find a niche that needs a voice whether it is a magazine, blog, or podcast.

Good luck to Jeff and Matt in their new venture.