Location-based Live Search

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For the first time Frank’s choice of Sprint may actually be a good thing. The mobile phone provider is rolling out Live Search for their phones which is now location-based. Apparently this isn’t an exclusive deal with Sprint and Microsoft, but Sprint is the first to implement the technology which isn’t GPS-based so it should […]

New Media Panel: AAG ’08

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We are beginning to plan the third New Media panel for the upcoming AAG in Boston (in April). We have had great panels and very interested audiences (if not always the largest). I would like to include 2 or 3 geobloggers/podcasters who plan to attend AAG or live near Boston and we will try to […]

It’s the FUTURE!

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A French library has an interesting collection online of postcards/paintings done by futurists around the turn of the last century. They detail how artists and engineers of the time thought the year 2000 would look. Some of them are pretty accurate given the lens of the current technology. My favorites are the school kids with […]