Google Earth Flight Sim mode – hidden feature

While the new Google Earth 4.2 release got a lot of attention for Google Earth Sky, another cool hidden feature, a flight simulator navigation mode, was included as well, although it’s taken a little longer for the word to get out. I gave it a whirl this evening, although I appear to lack any coordination when it comes to flying. It is definitely cool, but you will want to consult the help page that lists the keyboard shortcuts for navigating and controlling the plane before you start.

To engage the hidden mode, you press Ctrl + Alt + A (or Command+Option+A for Macs) and a dialog pops up that lets you choose between and F-16 fighter jet or a propeller plane, and you can start from your current view or go to one of the world airports listed in the drop down menu. So, make sure you’ve downloaded and installed GE 4.2, and fly the friendly skies!

Via Gizmodo and Google Earth Blog