Mapping the Equine Influenza outbreak in Australia

We’ve posted in the past about a number of projects related to mapping diseases, but as a former horse owner and racehorse handler, I was really interested in the efforts to use GIS to map the current outbreak of Equine Influenza in Australia. Equine flu is highly contagious and can be fatal, and can really only be contained by strict quarantine. EI was likely introduced into the island continent via breeding horses that shuttle in every year from Japan, Europe and North America. Since the breeding of race and sport horses is a multibillion dollar industry, this has had a huge economic impact on the affected areas. Calling on GIS experts from the Rural Fire Service, officials have been able to track the spread of EI infection to specific properties, map those properties and associated quarantine boundaries, and use predictive tools to try to assess where the outbreak could spread next.

Via The Horse