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Most Liveable Cities in the World (and least)

The Economist has an interesting article rating the most and least livable cities in the world. Canada and Australia come out ahead on the most and Africa and the Middle East fall hard in the least. Interestingly (or maybe as one might expect), the US is not on either list. They’re not 100% clear on what they define as “livable”, but it does mention a number of broad metrics considered. There is also a more full report linked at the bottom, but access to that costs money.

3 thoughts on “Most Liveable Cities in the World (and least)

  1. The controversy of most/least livable cities reigns on. I would like to comment on the Phoenix AZ metro area. I have lived all over the U.S and with out a doubt the Phoenix Metro area is the least livable place. Come here if you like huge, flat, unending urban sprawl, vast contruction in all directions. Dust and every 18 wheeler in existance is what you have to look at. The rudest, most hostile drivers (worse than Los Angeles). The summer months are so unbearably hot(temps reacing 115 degress F). The social feeling here is like a cheap wrestling match. I think because the scenery is so bleak, everyone is always in a hurry to get back home and hide.

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