New Geoblog….. from the Future!

Wired magazine is hosting a new geoblog from Bruce Sterling. However, there is a twist in that this is the blog of a fictional character named Harvey Feldspar and it takes place in the year 2017. For those unware of Sterling’s work, he’s a fairly prolific science fiction writer (particularly of short stories). A lot of his stuff deals with near-future events to try to imagine what direction society is taking in the near future. The blog, as one would imagine, has a heavy geography focus to it, featuring lines like:

The SeeMonster is fully integrated with a state-of-the-art seamless Geobrowser. With SeeMonster, you can juggle the entire planet with your bare fingertips, including spatially related photo images collated from all over the Web — yes, data from the entire collective social memory of Planet Earth! — and it’s all cross-modally spackled and pixelated into an immense, searchable, navigable, linked, tagged, emergent, hybrid-satellite-streetmap virtual Earthwork! The fantastic richness of the imagery… the semantic interconnection… it’s the techno-magic of the World Wide Web layered like a tasty olive-oil emulsion right over the Whole Real Wide World (c) (R) (TM)!

It’s definitely worth reading. You can definitely see some of these things coming at least partially true in the not too distant future.