Special Episode 23…the correction

The great and powerful Dave pointed out a couple of oversights in the post for SE 23 (thanks Dave!). I misspelled Aileen Buckley’s name (apologies Aileen) and I completely forgot to post the second half of the interview which was a discussion with Craig Gilgrass about how folks are taking to some of the Geodatabase features in 9.2. An insightful little discussion if I do say so.

In my defense, I am…well, I am a person who needs to be edited. Check out SE 23 and keep an eye on the conference feed for the final ESRI UC vendor coverage coming soon. Also, now that we have moved the department it is almost time to move apartments as well.

One Seriously Geographic Car

In more ways than one….. it’s the Think City! The article is rather lengthy but it’s well worth the read. This car touches on so many sub-disciplines of geography it’s almost scary – environmental issues, globalism, sustainability, mobile computing, and distributed information sharing. Not only is the car itself impressive, the business model is fairly interesting when applied to large scale goods like automobiles. From the article:

He might describe the City as a computer on wheels, but in truth what he’s selling is a rolling iPod — a hip, desirable chunk of plastic and metal with Zenlike simplicity.

I have to say it will probably be awhile before something like this is available in West Virginia. But if they had a show-room here (which they don’t have any show rooms anywhere!), I’d definitely want to take it for a test spin.